Sheila Rayyan Mother Spoon Studio

♦ About Me ♦

Mostly, I'm a dabbler. I like to try lots of things. For many years I worked as a graphic designer; working on brochures, advertising, magazine layout, logo design and fashion concept designs. But I've worn a myriad of other hats as well: housepainter, signpainter, muralist, illustrator, baker, switchboard operator, garden nursery worker, and I even used to help my Dad pump septic tanks when I was a kid.

After many years of staring at a computer screen, I was really itching to get my hands dirty again. I longed to do my own "stuff", so I picked up my pencil and started drawing again. Ahh... much, much better. I slowly worked my way away from the computer and back into creating with my hands. Nowadays I'm still doing drawings, but I'm also burning pyrography designs on various wood items, getting my hands really muddy in ceramics, and I'm sure tomorrow I'll find more stuff to play with as well. I'll be sharing my more successful experiments here on my website.

When I'm not in my studio I'm either bellydancing, doing henna tattoos on someone, or maybe I'm out riding my horse, Spot, with my husband Omar and his horse, Cooper. Omar and I also share our home with two all-black cats named Pugsley and Wednesday. They keep us amused, but also keep us awake with their nighttime hijinks. I know I may be biased, but I think Omar is an amazing artist (see his work at and he's a constant source of inspiration for me.♥

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